This was the second car of the set.  The '58 Biscayne and the '55 BelAir.  Both four door sedans that we are making in restomods.  All original cars no less that had been sitting for years.  The '55 has been a bit more work.  It was a three speed manual - three on the tree - no less, straight 6.  We did a similar GM crate engine but the 3 speed 6 cylinder cars came with 4.11 rear end gears.  Not really going to be a cruiser if we use a Turbo 350.   This called for a 700R4 overdrive.  Yet the 700R4 has a lower first gear then the 350.

This car is going hustle.

Ready for driveline removal.

All original 235 six.

The original running gear is pretty crusty.

Blank Canvas

New control arm cross shafts for proper caster.  New power disc brake assemblies.  New shocks.  New rack and pinion steering.  The chassis is coming together.

I'm assembling a mockup motor and trans for mounts and position.  Its a Turbo 400 in this pic, but I eventually get a empty 700R case that I used in the install for trans crossmember location.

Yellow X mark on diff.  If you know what this marking indicates let me know.  I thought perhaps it was for the 4.11 option.

Getting the engine assembled to put in the car.

First steps completed and now assembling.  Flat black in the engine bay.

Its a driver.  Ready for body and paint.