I love cars.  Sports Cars, Race Cars, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars - I love them all.

I really can't explain it.  When I see a car that is in disrepair or ignored I see the potential.  

A hot rod?  A convertible?  A pickup truck?  A dune buggy?  I want to rescue them all.

Cars have a way of transporting us in time.  Nothing connects us to history better than a car.  The way they drive, the way they smell, the way they sound.  My goal in every project is give you the automotive experience you desire.  Classic restoration, racing pedigree, muscular horsepower, smooth trouble free driver.  I've built many cars with very different personalities simply for one reason: I enjoy them, each one for the unique experience they provide.

Whether you want a restoration, a hot rod, a custom or just a driver we have the skill, artistry and enthusiasm to deliver the unique driving experience.  

Give me a call. I love to talk cars.  414-699-6039.