This car was very similar to the car my Dad learned how to drive in.  When I ran across this in Long Beach in the mid 90s, I just bought it.  It was complete but rough.  It barely ran and hardly moved but a perfect project.  I started by rebuilding the front suspension, Nailhead engine and Dynaflow transmission.  Then I drove the car for a while.  With blankets on the seats it was a rat rod before I knew what that was.

I've since taken this car completely apart for a detailed ground up rebuild with some subtle custom touches.  Its a 2 door sedan, so not very desirable, but actually fairly limited production numbers since everyone bought the hardtops in the 50's.

This car is on its journey in bare steel with body work under way!


Quick Update 6-17-2015

I spent some time this winter working on my Buick.  Its been disassembled in the garage for so long that I decided I really needed the space for working on customer projects.  Great motivation right?  It works.  So I began putting the car together with a bit of a different vision.  Originally I was thinking stockish, subtle custom.  Yet I was having a hard time justifying the expense, especially in chrome work.  There is a lot of chrome in one of these cars.  I could buy decent running '56 Buick's for $5000 to $8000.  So the plan became to make it more a little more hot rod then stock.  Leave the chrome work as it is and have fun with it.  Bare steel, air bags, Nailhead, Dynaflow, Vintage Air, Disc Brakes.  

Drive it everywhere.

Its back in the trailer for now, but I can't wait to work on it....


 Quick Update 2-20-2019

The ‘56 Buick is being driven during the summer. Buick Club car shows are always fun. “When are you going to paint it?” “Won’t it rust?” “What color are you going to paint it?”

I just smile and wave - smile and wave.