I met Markus a few years ago when he needed some help getting an engine into his '55 Chevy Pickup Truck.  We checked out what he had at that point and decided that we could help get his truck over the finishline.  Markus had a bodyshop work on the rust repair and paint.  Then another team work on a Mustang II front suspension installtion.  Now it needed the engine mounts, steering column, steering shaft and headers all engineered to fit into the space.  Since this is an early 55 Series One truck, the frame had never seen a V8 small block.  These frames were tappered to the front with only straight 6 engines.   So that meant the V8, headers and steering was a tight fit into the chassis.

I've really enjoyed this project.  The effort and engineering to integrate engine, steering, crossmember and rear suspension was exactly the sort of project I enjoy.  Helping Markus get his Dad's old truck back on the road.