It began with a phone call.  Mom said she bought an old truck for Dad.  "What kind?  I don't know.  Its old and been in a barn."

Sounds like my kind of project.  It had been in a barn since 1975.  An intact, all original 1946 Chevrolet Pickup.  We have had it for a few years now.  An all original patina'd truck it will remain.  

We've been working on this truck a bit over the past few years.  Rebuilt the front suspension, king pins, bushings and steering.  New stainless brake lines and rebuilt the master cylinder.  New Wheel cylinders and brake shoes.  Rebuilt the distributor - the bushings were so worn out the rotor made an ellipse instead of a circle.  Now we are getting all the lights working.  67 years later the cotton wrapped wires are mostly intact.  The wear areas though are down to bare wires.  Sparky where are the spare fuses?