This car means a lot to me.  In 1983 I began to pester, annoy and generally bother a church friend about the 1973 LeMans sitting in their driveway.  They occasionally drove it to church on Sundays   I'd always be in the parking lot checking out the car.  Then negotiating to buy it during coffee hour.  Well I did eventually buy the car and drove it in high school and college.  It did finally succumb to rust.  Yet in 1990 while on vacation in Long Beach California I found an identical clone.  For $600 it needed a radiator, water pump, freeze plugs and tires before I managed to drive it Wisconsin.  Ever since it has been freshened and upgraded along the way.

This was the first car I painted myself.  It was stripped down to bare metal as it had already been resprayed once.  Then after paint you always need a few friends to help hold as it all goes together.