An all original 1958 Chevy Biscayne Four Door.  The goal is to modernize and make it safe for fun driving. A new GM Performance crate engine along with a lockup TH350 transmission should get the drive train humming.  I know from working on these old manual steering '50s cars, that getting some positive caster really helps them drive like more modern car, especially when we add power steering. 

So new cross shafts and bushings in the control arms, new shocks, new front and rear sway bars and a complete UniSteer Rack and Pinion kit should make this a nice ride.



The original 283 cu in engine was pretty tired.  Plenty of gunk in the cooling system and loads of sludgy buildup on the distributor.  Getting the engine and transmission out was straight forward so we can get a good look of what we are dealing with.



Once the engine and transmission came out, we could begin to run through all the combinations of updates.  The Rack and Pinon kit was complete down to the pump, pulley, mounting bolts and braided lines.  It will need a little work as there are some dimensional differences.  Nothing out of the ordinary for old cars.


For 1958 Chevy introduced a newly redesigned car.  The new X frame was more along the lines or Buick or Oldsmobile of the era.  We are after a reliable driver.  New engine, automatic transmission, brakes and steering will make this old Biscayne come to life again.



Since the weather has been so winter like we haven't had the chance to get out on the open road and really test out the driveability improvements.  Hopefully we will get some improvements in the weather and get back to driving hot rods.