After doing a number of track day event in my 1987 Acura Integra and then my 2002 Lexus IS300 I decided it was time to upgrade my track car.  I had progressed with the Lexus to the point where my kids were complaining about how hard it was on the way to school.  For me any car project leads to an evolution.  I like the process of growing with a car.  The changes, improvements and enhancements are part of the enjoyment of the performance journey.  I knew that i wanted a cost effective, lightweight, rear wheel drive car with the ability to take a good amount of horsepower.  An early Z Car would be the perfect platform for what I had in mind.

I had originally designed the infrastructure for a GM LS Series V8.  Yet as I researched and learned more about the Datsun I went with all Datsun power.  Its a pepped up stock motor, but that is the point.  I want to grow with this car.  I started with stock brakes - but this is definitely a limitation in this car.  Overall its light and well mannered.  Its all about momentum with this car. 

Quick Update 6-17-2015

I always knew the stock carbs were limiting the engine combination, but I really enjoyed the stock appearance.  Finally I decided it was time.  I have Todd over at Wolf Creek Racing a call and he set me up with a beautiful set of Mikuni 44s.  I'm happy with the attention to detail and quality out of the box.  The car is definitely a little snortier with more air and fuel.  

Now I just need to rebuild the R180 Limited Slip unit and I am ready to go.

Quick Update 12-28-2015

I did get the R180 Limited Slip rebuilt.  It was a salvage yard takeout from a 2004 Subaru WRX.  Todd at Wolf Creek Racing set me up with the proper drive flanges that  mate to the Z car drive axles.  Its amazing that the 2004 and the 1971 diff are essentially the same.  I did install the diff as I received it and it howled pretty good.  Yet I had inspected the gears and they seemed in good shape.    I picked up a complete bearing kit from Datsun Parts and every single part in the kit was a OEM Nissan part.  I probably could have found it less expensive.  Yet the diff was $500 and the rebuild kit was $400 still less then even thinking about a Quaife.  The rebuild was not that difficult.  I took some pictures and made a few shop press mandrels but overall it went pretty smooth.  Much better and quieter when its back in the car.

I did get the car out for a quick autocross before the end of the year.  Its like a completely new car.  With the diff and the triples it handles and drives very differently.  Can't wait for spring to get it back on the road course and see how it performs.  I might need to make some shock tweaks now that I won't be spinning the inside tire on the corners.