Its Been a Busy couple of months

Sorry been busy in the shop.  A lot of projects at the moment.  Rich had his '62 Nova in the shop for a summer driving event.  We updated the cooling system with an expansion system and new Derale cooling fan assembly.  We are working to optimize the existing cooling system.  If the car needs a bigger radiator then the have to cut into the previous owners pretty decent fabrication.  Since the car is so nice we are trying to avoid disturbing the chassis too much.

Helping in the cooling department is a 200-4R overdrive transmission.  This will reduce the running RPM and help the cooling system load.  This was a seriously built 200-4R to take the horsepower of the 462cid BBC.

Just took the car for a drive today to confirm the transmission operation.  The pressures look good and the TV Cable appears to right on the money.


Next up is a update of a 64 Corvette that hasn't driven in years.   Should be fun!